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RTO Home Web Program Placement Form

Please note that there is "NO OBLIGATION" on the part of the parties. The form is meant to evaluate if Tenant-Buyer qualifies for any of the programs by Real Estate investors. Thanks
Type the amount of the proposed property purchase price
This is important to determine the eligibility and the appropriate RTO Programme placement
This is the combined gross income of you and your spouse
This will determine Real Estate Investors to place your placement with
This would include the monthly savings as additional down payment to initial deposit
Some Real Estate Investors provide the service for free
Paid Employement (Upload Job Letter, Latestet Payslip, Latest NOA, Proof of downpayment) Self Employed (Upload Latest T1 general, Business Registrations, 6-12 months of bank statements, Latest NOA, Proof of downpayment)

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